The Pursuit of Kimono Tailoring and Wearing.

What kind of measurements and tailoring should be done?

A tailored kimono may look the same at first glance,
but the contents might be completely different.

What measurements are chosen?
Why did you choose the measurement you did?
How do you envision your ideal kimono looks?

Choosing the measurements of your kimono is
just like choosing your life.

I am writing an article about
kimono measurements, tailoring and wearing.
I’m translating them in order.
Bringing the Know-How of a kimono tailor to You

Let’s sew kimonos!

This section contains information necessary for sewing kimonos, including basic stitching, kuke, gakubuchi, etc. You can also download the necessary slips for sewing kimonos and a list of kimono measurements.

2022.04.30 We have started a paid video distribution service.

M KIMONO is a online kimono sewing school that wishes to share the joy of sewing with people around the world.

The relationship between the measurements of a kimono and how it looks on.

At KOTARO, we offer a kimono measurement course.
In this course, you will learn about your own preferences and how to find the right measurements. This is a useful point for advising customers. There are a lot of useful points for advising customers.
The course is held online every month.

Note: Those classes are in Japanese.

 ■Kimono Measurement Course – Introduction
 ■Kimono Measurement Course – Basic
Applications for 2022 will be accepted starting in January 2022.

Let’s learn about the structure of a kimono.

How proses is a kimono fabric transformed into a kimono.
How is a kimono tailored.
This is a course that you can learn in a short period of time.
For example, you can learn how to make a hitoe-kimono from cutting to sewing in just one day.
NOTE: This classes are in Japanese.

Introductory class
2022 July 07 (Thu)
2022 July 10 (Sat)
Basic class
2022 August 04 (Thu)
More detailed information about kimono measurements is available.


Note: This newsletter is distributed in Japanese.

I send out newsletters based on the concept of “tailoring and the pursuit of the kimono.
What kind of measurements and tailoring will make your kimono look good?
The newsletter will tell you in an easy-to-understand manner.
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