YUBINUKI -How to make a thimble.

Hand sewing is the basic method of kimono sewing. The tool called “Yubinuki(thimble)” is indispensable for hand sewing. We, professional tailors, make and use our own finger leather.

What to prepare

Leather will be used. Size is 6cm x 1.5cm

How to make

Roll it up using the bellies of your fingers.

The rough surface is the front.

It will look something like this.

Check your finger size…

Cut the excess.

Punch holes with small scissors to improve needle threading.It is best to place a piece of cardboard underneath.

Cut the corners.

It will look something like this.

Fasten with thread. A single strands of thread is fine.

About 3 stitches are enough.

It’s done!

Position of thimble

Attach it to the middle finger of the dominant hand.

指ぬき 付ける位置


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