Online wasai classes in English are now available!

Thank you for visiting the KOTARO online kimono sewing class.
This online kimono sewing class is my challenge.

What you can learn from online Wasai classes

The online Japanese kimono sewing class started in September 2021.We will deliver videos to help you complete your yukata in six months.The videos will be divided into 24 installments, from cutting to tailoring.One step will be delivered per week, and the yukata will be completed in March next year.(Scheduled to be delivered every Saturday, and the delivery will be recorded.) The explanations in the videos are the same as the ones I usually give in my Japanese sewing classes.I hope you will enjoy the videos as if you were attending a Japanese sewing class once a week.

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Is it possible to learn Japanese sewing online?

I believe that the most difficult part of Japanese sewing is cutting and marking.This is the part that I can’t tell you about online.For cutting and marking, I am aiming for “I can cut if it is plain”, “I can cut if there is no pattern matching”, and “I can understand somehow”.

Sewing collar is also a difficult area, but as with cutting and marking, we aim for “somehow understandable.

How to sew

There are many different ways to tailor a kimono.To put it another way, there are as many ways to tailor as there are tailors.I would be happy if you could look at the tailoring methods I describe here from the perspective of “there are people who tailor in this way.

Comments are open.

I have a comment box on each page.I’d love to hear your comments!I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can!

It is also available in English.

Knowing that there are many people overseas who love kimono, I have been distributing in English as well.I use a Facebook group for English distribution.The downloadable materials are also available in English, so please come and take a peek.

Facebook group name:M kimono
Invitation link:M kimono

Please also see the “Online Wasai Class in English” page.

Future Ambitions

I would like to create an independent online kimono sewing school page.I would like to include not only kimono sewing, but also men’s sewing, alterations, and children’s sewing.But please don’t expect too much from this. It may be a very long time in the future…

Come sew with us!

The Japanese version will be available every Saturday.
The English version will be available every Sunday.
I would be very happy if you could join us once a week, as if you were attending a Japanese kimono sewing class. I would be very happy if you could post your tailoring on social media with “#kotaro_onlinewasiclass”.

Now, let’s sew a kimono!



Japanese kimono tailor|Based in Japan
Every Friday, I hold a Wasai class in Japanese. I am aiming to hold Wasai classes in English.