We have started a paid video distribution service.

Online Wasai Class in English

We want to share the joy of sewing kimonos with people around the world.

“Sewing” is loved by people all over the world.
Each country and region has its own unique sewing techniques, and many people across countries and regions are interested in learning sewing. It is not only professional designers and people working in the clothing industry. Learning how to sew in different countries as an extension of your hobby can be very enjoyable and enrich your life.
At M KIMONO, we teach the traditional Japanese techniques as they are. You may find some parts difficult. You may not be able to sew well. However, we believe that it is meaningful to teach the same Japanese traditional techniques as they are. And we believe that anyone can definitely sew a kimono. “If you follow the steps, do diligently, you will get it. ” Let’s enjoy sewing kimonos together, unconstrained by the traditional forms of kimono!

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Online Wasai Class in English

Paid video distribution showing how to sew kimono
The very first on-demand delivery is
how to sew a yukata, the foundation of kimono sewing.



Japanese kimono tailor|Based in Japan
Every Friday, I hold a Wasai class in Japanese. I am aiming to hold Wasai classes in English.